The popularity of healing stones

For centuries ancient seers and sages have advocated the uses and the healing benefits of crystals and stones. Oftentimes it was shrouded in magic and mystery probably because the knowledge was guarded, not something to be shared among the public. Specific stones are meant to address specific areas of the mind and body, helping to bring about balance and harmony to the chakras. In modern times, healing crystals have become very popular with people using them to focus energies, become attuned to and bring balance to their bodies and minds.

There isn’t enough scientific evidence to show that crystals have magical and spiritual powers. Neither are they prescribed as a form of medicine. However, many researchers are delving into the possibility of crystals possessing powers beyond our current level of knowledge. Crystals form an intrinsic part of vastu shastra, for instance. Reiki healing and feng shui too use crystals. Crystals are believed to hold vibrational energy and to transmit this to balance emotional, physical and spiritual energies. It is the western world that is discovering the ancient mysteries of crystals that people in India have known about from ancient times, wearing them as rings or pendants or similar.

According to Nikola Tesla, possibly the greatest scientist that ever lived, “In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life force principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

A bit about Chakras

Chakra, a Sankrit word literally meaning “wheel” is an ancient practice that believes that there are seven energy centres in our bodies that connect our physical bodies with the spiritual world. Each chakra is connected to one specific area of the body and a corresponding emotional state. Balancing these energies bring about harmony in our emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

Each chakra is denoted as a swirling vortex of energy spinning within the core of our system. The blockage or malfunction of a chakra leads to an obstruction in this flow of energy, and thereby leads to spiritual, emotional and physical disorders.

It is located at the base of the spine, at the end of the tail bone. It represents the element EARTH. Provides the foundation of our being, keeps us grounded and confident. The root chakra is the first energy wheel and serves as an opening and anchor to the rest of the primary chakras. Due to its connection to courage, willpower, survival, safety, and vitality, the Muladhara is closely linked to physical needs.

It is located below the navel and represents the element WATER. It helps find a connection with others and brings happiness, pleasure and creativity. The sacral chakra is the centre of physical needs, pleasure stimulation, creativity, and self-worth. Being the centre of passion, the Svadhisthana begets not only the power to create but also to control the desire and needs of the body.

Located at the solar plexus, just below the breast bone, it represents the element FIRE. Helps us be confident and in control of our actions. The solar plexus chakra is the colour of sunshine and is located above the navel. It is your constant source of power where self-confidence manifests. It illuminates the sense of self. It is also associated with the sense of sight. And it helps one feel confident, motivated and powerful.

Located at the centre of the chest it represents the element AIR. It helps open our heart to joy, love and compassion. It is the pivot point of all the other chakras and the centre for compassion, empathy, forgiveness and love. Combining the colours yellow and blue, it provides the attributes of these two colours too. It guides trust, generosity and gratitude.

The throat chakra is located at the neck, in the centre of and just above the collar bone. It represents the element SPACE. Helps us to communicate and express ourselves. The throat chakra is responsible for the ability to communicate, creativity and self-expression. It allows for the calmness of the mind and the slowing down of racing thoughts, enhancing verbal and writing communication, and creativity. It enhances our ability to channel our energies in the artistic world.

Centred between the eyebrows at the lower end of the forehead, it represents the element LIGHT. Allows us to be more aware of the world and to focus on the bigger picture. The third eye chakra affects universal consciousness, clarity, intuition and self-knowledge. It also makes the link between the soul and the world around it clearer. Indigo is made up of two colours – blue and red, each with its own functions and attributes. With red’s energy and blue’s calm, indigo inspires reflection and self-awareness. It balances the energy, power and intensity of red and the relaxation, stability, and insight of blue. Balancing and harmonising this chakra leads to spiritual clarity, insight, and enhanced “sixth sense”.

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. This chakra does not represents any of the elements. The highest of the seven chakras, it represents our spirituality, our visions and helps us reach a higher state of consciousness. It is the centre of enlightenment, dynamic thoughts, and spirituality. While red has the longest wavelength, and therefore the lowest vibration and frequency, violet has the shortest wave and highest frequency, allowing the connection of your soul, higher self, purpose, the universe and the divine.

About Chakra Pyramids

Miracles occur when the five elements of Nature are in harmony with one another. One structure that helps bring about and maintain this harmony is a pyramid. It attracts cosmic radiations, sliding them down the sides from the apex to the base, focusses and magnifies it within itself and creates a positive energy field in its surroundings. In essence, a pyramid produces a strong healing vibration that benefits those who are in its energy field by eliminating or recycling stagnant negative energies, impacting the mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Apart from the Egyptians who have made pyramids famous, ancient seers across faiths and geographies have known its unique properties. There are pyramids and pyramid-like structures in the ancient cultures of India, Egypt, the Incas, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Mesopotamians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Sumerians, Iraq, Mexico, Sudan, Greeks, Romans, etc. Diverse civilisations, separated by time and by geography have understood its benefits, and in modern times we are rediscovering this ancient knowledge.

Benefits of a Chakra Pyramid

  • Brings positive energy in the immediate surroundings

  • Reduces stress and tension

  • Brings harmony in relationships

  • Brings synchronicity between the mind, body and soul

  • Encourages self-healing

  • Beneficial for and during meditation

  • Balances the seven chakras

  • Helps bring abundance into personal and professional life

  • Attracts good fortune and financial opportunities

  • Strengthens concentration and health of children

Where and how to place it

  • Place it in the room where members spend the most time together

  • Additional pyramids can be placed in other rooms

  • Keep it in the North East corner and a sense of well being will be felt by all members

  • For a good night’s sleep, place it in the South West corner of the bedroom

  • For those working in the kitchen, one kept in the South East corner will make you more energetic

  • Use it in the children’s study room for improving academic performance

  • Keep it in the South West corner of the workplace for smooth running of business, increased energy levels and more focus

  • Display them in the four corners of the house (even every room) or office to encourage positive energies and to remove negative ones

  • Always place the pyramid in a way that the base is pointing North … do not place it such that any of the four corners are pointing North

Meditating for added benefits

You can use a pyramid during your meditation practice. Place your right palm over your left palm and place the pyramid on it. Complete the “circle” by touching the tips of your thumbs together so that the pyramid sits in the centre of the circle created by your palms and thumbs. Close your eyes, clear your mind, watch your breath, and meditate. You may chant a prayer of your choice if you wish to. You can affirm your intentions. Or just clear your mind and empty it of all thought. Experience the magic as you tune in to and connect with the energy of the Universe as it slowly courses through your body.

Matlock Island Pyramids

The pyramids made at Matlock Island are created using epoxy resin or what is also known as liquid glass. Within the pyramid are embedded crystals corresponding to the seven chakras. Some pyramids have a single kind of crystal to focus on one particular chakra, while others have crystals corresponding to all seven chakras. Some pyramids are embellished with other holy symbols such as Sacred Geometry, Tree of Life, Lord Ganesha, Hand of Fatima, Sacred Lotus, etc. One thing common across all our healing pyramids is copper. A very good conductor, copper accelerates the accumulation of energy as well as its dispersion. Sometimes we also add other metal elements to aid in energy accumulation. Various other design elements are added for aesthetic purposes to embellish the beauty of the pyramid.

NOTE: Please do not use pyramids made of plastic or aluminium and expect the same benefits … they do not help at all. Also, a photograph of a pyramid does not help in anything except to add to the aesthetics.

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